Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ISSUE 1 : Fashion Weave Style

I have excited to add my weave ribbon into COTTON T-Shirt. And I know it not easy to do it becuase you know ribbon quite stiffer than COTTON. I used many pin to fix my ribbon before sew very difficult. After this step I try to sew by machine around ribbon till finish.

I was begin by simple design( Square ) becuase easy to sew..hehe.  However I can't rush coz I worry about design will be distort.

Oh my god!! I very satisfy my job and hurry to wear it. I thought I love this design but sometime I feel its not complete and uncomfortable. And I know to find solution. Back of ribbon is not smooth I meant skin. So when I wear this Tshirt I be sticky(Sweat). So I take lining on back of ribbon and try to sew again. Yeah..Its work and good idea.
So proud to wear and go out my home. My friend said my Tshirt very unique they can't found in TShirt shop and you know they're my first customer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Biography

Im a dependent designer in Bangkok, Thailand. And now I love to do my unique brand is "Doorway29".

Why doorway29 I just want to tell you about the meaning.
The other meaning of "Doorway" is "The Why to be freedom". Yes I need to be free from everything "The Designer is my dream". I used to be employee of One company my job about "IT section" that so far from my dream. But I never lost and leave my dream.

Then I try to find sewing and design school but I don't have free time to take those couse so I search for where to open weekend couse that so glad to found them. Now I can make clothing pattern and can be a tailor but I looking forward to be the professional.

I know in unique market we need to learn and knowing ourselves and get idea to present for people. I spent the time to find my unique style. Until I have found it.

About My Style :
I was born in north of thailand and I have easy living. When I was young I see my grand mother invent anything from bamboo that we called "weave bamboo" such as handbag  and hat. I have proud with her a lot that she can do the thing by herself.
There is my answer that I have found my own style. I choose satin ribbon becuase quality similar bamboo and skin very smooth. And I thought color very bright and cool. Too much suitable for my fabric.
After I try to design and produced and make sure to wash by machine. I was begin produce for friends. They're satisfy and love it too much. Im so glad becuase this is my first craft and they love it. Now I have decided to leave my day job and heading to my dream. I won't stop to find and develop my unique products becuase I love to do and I hope people will love my own style too.

Thanks for read my biography and apology about my english but I hope you will understand what I want to tell you.

Jessie @^_^@