Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ISSUE 1 : Fashion Weave Style

I have excited to add my weave ribbon into COTTON T-Shirt. And I know it not easy to do it becuase you know ribbon quite stiffer than COTTON. I used many pin to fix my ribbon before sew very difficult. After this step I try to sew by machine around ribbon till finish.

I was begin by simple design( Square ) becuase easy to sew..hehe.  However I can't rush coz I worry about design will be distort.

Oh my god!! I very satisfy my job and hurry to wear it. I thought I love this design but sometime I feel its not complete and uncomfortable. And I know to find solution. Back of ribbon is not smooth I meant skin. So when I wear this Tshirt I be sticky(Sweat). So I take lining on back of ribbon and try to sew again. Yeah..Its work and good idea.
So proud to wear and go out my home. My friend said my Tshirt very unique they can't found in TShirt shop and you know they're my first customer.

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