Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Biography

Im a dependent designer in Bangkok, Thailand. And now I love to do my unique brand is "Doorway29".

Why doorway29 I just want to tell you about the meaning.
The other meaning of "Doorway" is "The Why to be freedom". Yes I need to be free from everything "The Designer is my dream". I used to be employee of One company my job about "IT section" that so far from my dream. But I never lost and leave my dream.

Then I try to find sewing and design school but I don't have free time to take those couse so I search for where to open weekend couse that so glad to found them. Now I can make clothing pattern and can be a tailor but I looking forward to be the professional.

I know in unique market we need to learn and knowing ourselves and get idea to present for people. I spent the time to find my unique style. Until I have found it.

About My Style :
I was born in north of thailand and I have easy living. When I was young I see my grand mother invent anything from bamboo that we called "weave bamboo" such as handbag  and hat. I have proud with her a lot that she can do the thing by herself.
There is my answer that I have found my own style. I choose satin ribbon becuase quality similar bamboo and skin very smooth. And I thought color very bright and cool. Too much suitable for my fabric.
After I try to design and produced and make sure to wash by machine. I was begin produce for friends. They're satisfy and love it too much. Im so glad becuase this is my first craft and they love it. Now I have decided to leave my day job and heading to my dream. I won't stop to find and develop my unique products becuase I love to do and I hope people will love my own style too.

Thanks for read my biography and apology about my english but I hope you will understand what I want to tell you.

Jessie @^_^@


  1. Hey,

    I like your designs, and your ribbon technique is very cool and very unique!

    Your English is not perfect, but you are easy to understand :) I lived in Maha Sarakham for 6 months, I miss it very much!

  2. Dear T, Thanks for post comment. You're first one visited my blog..^^

  3. What you did at Maha Sarakham? for work or travel?
    Yes there are nice province.

  4. I saw you on craftster and followed your link! I worked at Mahasarakham University on an exchange placement. I like it very much, I have many Thai friends there, and I was adopted by a Thai Mum and Dad :)

    I have stayed in Bangkok, Surin, Chiang Mai, Phukadaeng and Korat with my Thai freinds :)